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Feel Free 2 Feel Free is a health and wellness service and product company established in 2015. FEEL FREE 2 FEEL FREE is based in the Inland Empire region of southern California.


FF2FF began to help youth develop culturally competent tools needed to create a personal practice of wellness. FF2FF helps youth to develop positive school environments to connect peers adults and their schools/programs for the building of healthy and strong communities.


FF2FF has served hundreds of youth at over 20 different programs and schools settings. It has been dedicated to improving its products and services to make an impact on the lives of the youth and community it serves.


Provide mental and physical health and wellness tools to school age youth for the purpose of building strong, healthy and well adults.


Create an international holistic network of wellness providers who share powerful tools to create communities of healthy and well individuals.


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James Woods aka "Dat Yoga Dude" is a man not afraid to answer his calling. His experience and education in mental health and social services along with the physical and mental benefits of yoga, has inspired him to share his skills to help others cultivate positive lives. A Southern California native who earned an Undergraduate degree in psychology from Xavier University of Louisiana, a Master’s of Clinical Counseling from Mount St. Mary’s University of Los Angeles, and was certified as a yoga instructor through Yogalution. Along with his academic achievements, he is most proud of the work he has done in building relationships with community as a graduate of the Elanor Jean Grier leadership academy and Chair of the Health and Wellness committee with the 100 Black Men of The Inland Empire.

On his way to traveling the world teaching yoga globally and discovering his true self, James was brought back to California by a strong desire to serve others through the tools he learned. After returning James developed FEEL FREE 2 FEEL FREE, an organization which trains youth and adults health and wellness tools to help people heal themselves and their communities through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

James is a professional public speaker who creates an experience of information and active engagement by sharing a powerful message and practical tools. As a published author he uses the book “Timmy Tut” and the Pyramid Adventures to teach youth wellness skills and provides free yoga to youth in schools and in members of the community. In an effort to create awareness he founded the Million Man Meditation as a free wellness event creating opportunities for other healers to reach community and community to reach them. He continues his learning and service to the community as a member of Toastmasters International, mentor and family member who continues to work towards fulling his call to FEEL FREE!

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