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Feel Free 2 Feel Free is a culturally competent evidence-based yoga and mindfulness program for schools that provide social, emotional, and physical wellness, tools for students to develop skills for learning readiness, self-regulation, and positive school climate. FF2FF offers culturally competent trainings, classes and resources to impact student’s grades, attendance, behaviors and citizenship. We empower students to meet improvement goals while preparing them for a lifetime of health, wellness, and success.


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“Absolutely LOVED the yoga class! Mr. Woods was very inspirational.”
“Yoga presenter was great. The ideas were so fun and ones that I can take right into the classroom.”
“I really am going to do the exercises every day before work!”

Christine Seitsinger Pomona Unified school District

- Powerful workshops

- Youth learn, adults learn, community changes

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Absolutely LOVED the yoga class! Mr. Woods was very inspirational.

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